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As a registered nurse and doula, I take a holistic approach in providing competent and compassionate care to mothers and families along the childbirth continuum. My goal is to empower women to trust their bodies and to provide evidence-based data to facilitate informed decision making.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and assisting you with achieving your unique birthing goals.

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Choosing Joy is a one stop shop for your childbirth education, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding needs! My services are available in NJ, parts of NY (Brooklyn, Staten Island & Lower to Mid- Manhattan) and parts of PA (Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton). 

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Shanita Joy Murray, BSN RN CD CPD CBC CBE CPNE

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There are many benefits to having a doula who is also a registered nurse! From the initial consultation, I utilize our time together to answer your questions and to be thorough in asking pertinent questions regarding your current state of overall being. This is how baseline information is established which is crucial for comparison later in pregnancy and postpartum. I review my clients' intake forms and get back to them shortly after with natural ways to manage pregnancy discomfort, how previous diagnoses can affect pregnancy, how to prepare their bodies for labor and much more.

As a woman’s-woman and extroverted-introvert, I desire a more personal connection with my clients than what I could establish in one nursing shift. We discuss prenatal visits, baby shower ideas, registry must haves, etc. I want to make them feel comfortable by knowing that they have a rapport with someone in the room other than their partner. A true advocate that prioritizes their well-being and interests over that of the institution that they’re delivering in. 

My model of practice focuses heavily my keen assessment skills and on the incorporation of teaching evidence-based information that can be easily digested. While I am not at your birth in a clinical capacity, I cannot "turn off" my ability to read the room as a nurse, explain medical procedures and jargon, and make note of important information such as: vitals, plan of action, available/alternate options, etc. I pride myself on having knowledge of the anatomical & physiological nuisances of birth. Knowing how to reposition a mother at just the right time can decrease the length of labor, ease pain and minimize unnecessary interventions, namely cesarean sections. I find that nurses and doctors also appreciate my knowledge base exceeding that of what is required for standard doula training.

Lastly, I marry my experience as a wife and mother of four girls (20, 11, 8 & 5) into the gumbo that is my framework. There’s a great chance that I’ve experienced similar concerns as my clients during pregnancy after all, I’m parenting across the lifespan and have been married for13 years. My anecdotes are relatable and give practical perspective to my families. As a family-oriented individual, I understand that fathers can become lost in the process of pregnancy since they are not carrying the baby, I strive to help dads connect and bond with their partners and babies in utero, understand the changes that their partners are facing, learn birthing options for enhanced advocacy, and provide labor and postpartum support with confidence.

Why not have the best of both worlds at your baby's first birthday party?!



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Childbirth Doula Package (starting at $2,500 sales tax included)

  • 2 prenatal appointments (birth boundaries document included)

  • Labor support from active phase to 1 hour post-delivery

  • Lactation education

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Telephone, text, and email support

  • 2 postpartum visits plus 6 weeks telehealth support

*Ask about repeat client and pay in full discounts

Birthing Room
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Postpartum Doula Package/Overnight nurse

(starting at $65/hour)

  • Assistance with recovery

  • Assistance with newborn care

  • Light housework and light meal prepping 

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Assistance with nursery organizing

  • Referral to local resources

  • Local errands

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Bundle of Joy

(starting at $4,150)

This package combines the amenities of the childbirth and postpartum packages at a discount of $300. Package includes three weeks of postpartum support (minimum of 10 hours/wk.) Quoted rate reflects daytime hours. Weekly payments begin when postpartum services are started. 

Mother and Baby
Family in the Kitchen
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Deluxe Breastfeeding Education Package

(starting at $500 for 4 sessions)

Breastfeeding is natural, however finding a rhythm doesn’t always happen naturally. These two 2 hour virtual sessions are designed to educate on breastfeeding and pumping basics to increase confidence and prepare you for your nursing journey, Upon delivery two additional 2 hour in-person sessions are scheduled to establish goals, assess and troubleshoot common breastfeeding hang-ups in real time, provide flange sizing and review pumping practices.

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 My name is Shanita Joy!

I am certified as a birth doula, postpartum doula, a childbirth educator and perinatal nutrition educator. As an Evidence Based Birth instructor I teach private sessions virtually. In addition, I am a certified breastfeeding counselor, currently studying to become an internationally board certified lactation consultant. My background includes over 5,000 hours of delivery, operating room/recovery room, education and lactation experience. In addition, I am trained in home birth and specialized in assisting high-risk and AMA pregnancies, VBACs, twin births, waterbirths, stillbirths and NICU graduate postpartum clients. As a practicing registered nurse, at The Birth Center of New Jersey, I'm also skilled in low-risk and natural births in various settings. Lastly, I'm certified in neonatal, pediatric and adult CPR. 

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    My passion for mothers and babies began as a young girl. I went on to pursue a career as a registered nurse 16 years ago and graduated with an Associate of Applied Arts in Science degree in 2008 and a Bachelor of Science in nursing in 2015. After working in labor and delivery at St. Peter's, I desired a closer role with my patients. Doula work was just the niche I was looking for in women’s health.  

    I’m naturally able to empathize with women and establish a strong rapport. My professional and personal backgrounds afford me a unique understanding of the complexities that are involved from conception through delivery and thereafter. There is a profound need for ongoing support and nurturing along this journey. I’m an advocate for all women, especially those in the black community as maternal mortality disparities are great. We are often unaware of our baseline health information which in combination with systemic racism in healthcare yields very poor outcomes. I invest time into teaching my clients practical ways to prevent and recognize conditions of pregnancy as well as helping them understand the changes occurring within their bodies during the process.

    I'm a proud collaborator with YoungLives to promote positive birth outcomes within the teen and young mom demographic. Each year a recipient is selected to be gifted free childbirth doula care. I’ve also partnered with PacifyApp as a virtual doula and content creator, providing care to underserved populations via Medicaid. As an Irth Ambassador, I help families document their birthing experiences on the yelp- like app to improve patient outcomes by holding birthing facilities and providers accountable. Lastly, Choosing Joy is listed as an approved doula at the Birth Center of New Jersey.


I use my collective experience to infuse joy into your child's first birthday, amplify the voices of black women and other women of color in the birthing space and to dismantle the barriers to receiving appropriate healthcare.

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National Black Doula Association
International Doula Institute Certified
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Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society
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Expecting Couple

Upon our free consultation, I felt more at peace and educated upon things I was not aware of.  She is an actual registered nurse, which put her a step ahead in the game in my book. Shanita has gone above and beyond what she charges. I’ve learned more about my body with her resources in less than 2 months than I have with other medical professionals in my life. I have nothing but peace going through this process knowing I have someone with my best interest at hand. Don’t walk, RUN to Choosing Joy doula services!

J. W.
Childbirth Services

Brother's Kiss

Since our meeting my baby seems less fussy! My stress level is down and my confidence is up! My pumping output is up to 7oz per session, and I have 292 oz stockpiled in my freezer! Thanks for your help and consistency! I like that you follow up and didn’t just dump me!


Thanks again for your genuine support and passion for this awesome field. I’m forever grateful! 

K. G.
Lactation Counseling Session

Expecting Couple

My husband and I hired Shanita for support during my 4th trimester. My biggest concerns were proper recovery (from a c-section delivery) and lactation support. Even before we welcomed my daughter, Shanita provided a wealth of information and advice based on my client intake form. After delivery, it was like having a sister at home with me to help with the baby and also help me with nursing. One instance that stands out for me, was when I was having trouble standing. My husband brought me to the ER and Shanita was right there with us. It was very reassuring to have someone with her background and expertise there to support us during that time. Also, as a mom herself, Shanita provided some PRO TIPS that has helped me save time and stress. If you’re looking for a postpartum doula, look no further - Choose Joy…

A. C.
Postpartum Services

Brother's Kiss

Shanita is absolutely amazing. I can't express in words how grateful I am for her support during my labor. She was there the entire time next to me for 20 hours during my labor. Her physical presence, calm demeanor and most importantly, her emotional support kept me going. Her medical background and thoughtful manner helped keep all the medical staff in the room at ease. My doctor was very impressed with her professionalism and commented on how she has never met a doula so dedicated to her client like she was with me. I had a positive labor experience because of her and don't know how I would have done it without her

N. S.
Childbirth Services


What are the next steps after the consultation?

 A nonrefundable deposit of $550 for the Childbirth Doula Package, $800 for Bundle of Joy and $1,150 for Childbirth Doula Plus Package is required at the time of e-signing the contract, along with intake forms. Invoices are payable via Zelle, credit/debit card and ACH transfer.

Payment structure: 4 payments including deposit. I am also a proud partner of BeHerVillage, please click here

 to see how your loved ones can coontribute to booking my services.

e-Gift cards available for purchase!

Do you



I do not accept insurance. Please verify with your carrier as you may be able to submit your invoices and be reimbursed directly. I am able to process HSA and FSA account payments.

Is there a such thing as too early to begin services?

Absolutely not! Good nutrition and activity are key contributors to a healthy pregnancy. The sooner we connect, the earlier we can begin to establish a working relationship. I thrive on genuine interactions and garnering trust with all my clients. *Please note that there is a surcharge of $500 when booking at 32 weeks or later.


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