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Lactation Packages

Mother Baby Bonding


Lactation Counseling Session

starting at $200

This 2 hour in-person session is designed to assess your baby’s breastfeeding behaviors and troubleshoot common hang-ups in real time. Nursing goals are established, flange sizing is included and pumping practices are discussed. Plus 6 weeks telehealth support.


Breastfeeding Basics

starting at $375 per couple

Breastfeeding is natural, however finding a rhythm doesn’t always happen naturally. This virtual 2½ hour course covers the basics of breastfeeding and pumping including how to properly flange size.

Nursing Newborn
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Deluxe Breastfeeding Education


starting at $500

These two 2 hour virtual sessions are designed to educate on breastfeeding and pumping basics to increase confidence and prepare you for your nursing journey, Upon delivery two additional 2 hour in-person sessions are scheduled to establish goals, assess and troubleshoot common breastfeeding hang-ups in real time, provide flange sizing and review pumping practices. Plus 6 weeks of telehealth support.

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